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Mortgage pre-qualification

Loan mortgage functions including printable amortization tables

To Do list when moving

Buyers tips

Sellers tips

What-If calculator.  (What if I added so much a month to my payment?  See the results in savings.)

10 Steps to ownership

......much more

This program is FREE.  Make copies if you would like and give them to your friends that might also be looking to buy or sell a home.  Simply send us an e-mail with your name and mailing address and we will mail a copy out to you at no charge.  This program is downloadable right from this site.





The Mortgage Managerô

    *  Save thousands without refinancing.

    *  Cut years off your mortgage without increasing payment.

    Build Equity 300 percent faster.

    *   Audit your loan automatically to find lender mistakes which occur about 50% of the time according to the FDIC.


This software is also free but it is not downloadable from the web site.  Simply e-mail us or call for your free copy of this program to see how easy it is to save on your existing mortgage.  Again the program is FREE.  There is NOTHING TO PURCHASE!  We are offering this program as another tool to help our customers save some money on their mortgage.






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